Make your Linux OS beautiful with Cairo dock

linux mint with cairo dock
Give your Linux OS MAC touch with Cairo dock

Without looking at the title of this post you might have thought that the above screen shot is from a MAC !!

Many people still think that Linux is hard to use, ugly and not user friendly. But the truth is 'Linux gives you the chance to configure what ever you want'.

If you are a beginner in Linux I would like you to suggest Linux Mint (or Ubuntu) as your first Linux trail.It is simple and easy to use for everyone. Know more about Linux Mint OS here.

Now assuming you are reading this post through Linux OS, I will write some tips to make the Linux OS beautiful with Cairo dock.

Making Linux more beautiful with Cairo Dock

1.Download the Cairo dock and follow the instructions as mentioned in the website to install it.

2.To make Cairo dock much useful you need to shift the panel menu to top so that bottom place is completely used for Cairo dock only.To shift the panel menu to top, go to panel settings by clicking on the up arrow as shown below

panel settings in linux mint
edit panel settings by clicking on the arrow

cinnamon settings panel

Now check the Auto-hide panel , select Desktop layout as 'Flipped(panel at bottom)' and close to save your settings.
Remember that the Desktop layout change need a restart of Cinnamon Desktop environment (simply hit [Ctrl+Alt+Backspace] to login again )

  • I am using Linux Mint  and I don't feel that panel is very important to me as I can switch between multiple windows easily using the 'hot corner' featureSee the screen shot of Hot corner usage here

3. by default Cairo dock doesn't start at the system start-up. So you need to add Cairo-dock program to start up applications.

add cairo-dock to startup application list in linux mint
add cairo-dock to start up application list
 Now you are ready to enjoy the beautiful  Cairo dock.
Thats it ! is that complex ? drop a comment if you feel so :)


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