Which Linux Flavour is best for you

Linux is a free and open source Operating system with powerful features.
There are many Linux distributions to choose, Choose a best one as per your requirements.This article will help you to choose a best Linux distribution for your computer.

best linux distribution
welcome to Linux

1.Linux Mint: If you want to use a Simple Linux distribution with pre-installed softwares which are useful for your daily computing needs then go for Linux Mint.

Linux mint is the beautiful Operating system I have ever used. With the hot corner effect you can easily switch between different workspaces and multiple windows. This is why I use Linux mint over other operating systems.
Read More about Linux Mint operating system here 

2.Ubuntu: Rich at graphical interface and makes your computer look lite with very less clutter. Ubuntu gives me a tablet like interface on my laptop too. I love the color combinations and simple user interface in Ubuntu
You can experience Ubuntu on your computer without installing it. How ? Ubuntu Website gives you an option to feel the Ubuntu OS on you browser itself.
Try this at Ubuntu Website
You can install Ubuntu along with Windows OS using WUBI installer

  3.Zorin Os : Based on Ubuntu, Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for Windows users who want to switch to Linux.

4.Puppy Linux:Do you have an old computer with really bad specifications ?? Linux will save you . Here is puppy Linux which can sit on your computer without taking a big room on it.With this you can use your old computer to run basic applications like multimedia, web browsing etc.

5.Arch Linux: If you want to learn completely about Linux go for this. This gives you complete freedom to choose whatever components you want to install on your Linux OS.
Go for this if you are seriously interested in computers and operating systems.

 If you are still in a confusion to choose an appropriate Linux distribution then choose your preferences and select a linux distribution easily.  This is a best place to solve your question "How to choose a best Linux Operating system ?"


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