Top 10 YouTube Features you might not know

 Here is the list of some best Youtube features you might have missed.Enjoy these tips and tricks and enhance your video watching experience on Youtube.

  • Watch Videos blocked in your country : If you’re unable to watch any video, as it’s not available in your country. You can access it by replacing the Url{video-id} as{video-id}.

                          Watch Videos blocked in your country

  • YouTube Leanback: This Youtube feature allows you to watch high quality full screen videos of your choice and preferences just like how you watch a Television. As the name suggests, you can just sit back and enjoy the seamless content.

                                 YouTube Leanback

  • YouTube My Speed: My Speed Feature helps to find your video streaming speed and compare it with the average speed of your ISP, your city, your state, your country and the world.                                            YouTube My Speed
  • YouTube Feather Beta: Fed up with slow Internet connection? This feature cuts down several unimportant features that don’t add much value. thereby, provides you video streaming without any buffering (suffering too!).

                              YouTube Feather Beta

  • YouTube Live: This feature lets you find all the live broadcasts available and also view the list of videos that are scheduled to be broadcasted at a later date.
  • YouTube XL: This Version of YouTube allows you watch videos effectively in large screen sizes. Just as how leanback transforms it as TV with easy navigation. It even cuts down the comments section and all other unimportant stuff.
                                 YouTube XL

  • YouTube Disco: In this Project you can select an artist or band and it automatically creates a playlist and plays all the videos of your choice.
                                        YouTube Disco

  • YouTube Create: YouTube Create contains some set of tools, which allows you to make better content videos. All it requires is imagination and you can create your own videos of your choice with just a few clicks away.
                                  YouTube Create
  • YouTube Editor: This YouTube editor lets you edit all your videos Online. It performs basic tasks like Rotate, combine and Trim along with the advanced features like stabilize, smoothen shaky videos and inserting transitions.
  • YouTube Charts: Get Best Videos on YouTube instantly using YouTube Charts. You can filter the videos by popularity in this week, this month, this Year. It also lets you select a particular category, and watch the best in that particular category.
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