Best Android applications for productivity

Android is the best mobile operating system(almost 80% of mobiles uses Android) because of ease of usage, ease of customization.
After installing many Android applications on my Samsung Galaxy S4, I am writing this post on Best Android apps for productivity.

Get these useful apps if you are a business person or student or even an employee.


  1. Create your own notifications with Notif: If you are an Android lover then you must be an avid fan of its notifications center (you see it when you slide from top). Why don't you set a reminder or a note on it then ? Notif will exactly do this for you. Be productive in using your notification center with Notif.
    Create your own notifications with Notif
  2. Timetable : If you are a student or a professor then you must install this Android app on your mobile. It has a stunning User Interface. You can add classes and view them in day , week view. The best feature of this application is that your mobile will automatically changes into silent mode when there is a class going on. productive enough ! isn't it ?
  3. Timetable and it will turn your phone into silent mode when the class is going on

  4. Camscanner : How many times have you taken a picture of a document instead of scanning it? Camscanner can scan a document with a your mobile camera.The Auto crop and enhance option is really cool. I have been using this beautiful and productive Android application beginning from my masters degree.
    Camscanner will auto crop the photocopied image and enhances it
  5. Google Keep : A simple yet powerful note taking application from Google. You can also integrate Keep with Google Now which is another productive idea.
    Google Keep is simple yet powerful note-taking app 
  6. Timely : Timely is the beautiful Time and alarm clock application ever built on Android platform. I wish it could be integrated directly into Android OS.
    Timely is the best Clock and alarm app on Android

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  1. Great
    compilation of best apps! Keep posting helpful and informative
    articles like this. Thank you. I would like to suggest Future
    Scheduler Productivity app (Paid).


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