Best Android launcher - Smart launcher

Android is my favorite mobile operating system for its power of customization. There are many launchers available to make your Android phone more beautiful. 
I have been using smart launcher from the past 1 year and so happy with it. The developers release time to time updates for the app to make the launcher more productive.

Along with installing smart launcher you need to tweak a little bit so that it looks even clean. I am going to explain there steps one by one.
The free version is enough to make your Android look cleaner and cool.

How to customize your Android phone with smart launcher ?

  1. Download smart launcher application from Google Playstore.
  2. You can download some good themes for your smart launcher. I personally like Trans-white, Ubuntu-2013 themes but there are a lot to check as per your taste.
    Download a theme to change the look
  3. Tweak some settings as per your convenience. For example I use left-handed menu button and some more settings as per my interest as shown below.
    I use timely alarm clock widget on the home screen by replacing default time with timely widget
    choose left-handed for displaying category list on right (choose it even through you are right handed.)

    Do not use a date background. it looks ugly

    choose a good wallpaper
    long tap on the home screen for display settings

  4. Download Blitz icon pack to make your UI more beautiful. You have to enable these icon pack through the smart launcher settings.
    select preferences from the menu button from top corner
    choose the downloaded iconpack


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